Friday, February 25, 2011

Upcoming Events

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to inform people of some upcoming events we've got in store for you.

Saturday. March 26: Haiku for Kids at the Stockbridge Public Library
Stockbridge, MA - 11:00 AM [map]

Author Mike Miller will be teaching kids how to write their first poems in a friendly and fun-filled session.  Parents are encouraged to attend and even to write along with their kids!

May 19: Poetry Reading at Mason Library
Great Barrington, MA - 6:30 PM [map]

Author Mike Miller will read some of his snarky and amusing poetry from earlier works as well as his new chapbook, Miller's New England Haiku Dictionary.  A small workshop and book signing will follow.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Breaking Even... or at Least Getting Close

Well, it looks like a few of you have started to order your copies of Miller's New England Haiku Dictionary!  Because our goal here at Drafty Attic is to keep costs to a minimum, this means we're already about a third of the way to breaking even on our initial print run of 50 copies.  The sooner we break even, the sooner we can find a new book to publish by a new author!

Thanks for all of your interest.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Beginnings!

Drafty Attic Press is exactly what it sounds like: one man, alone in his attic with a sweet-as-hell stapler and a laser printer that's starting to run out of toner.  This is bare-bones publishing and we love it.  We being me, Mike Miller.  Spending this much time alone in the attic gets me talking as an "us."  *eye twitch*

We're going to be focusing on doing small runs of chapbooks, mainly to help out friends who are looking for ways to get published, but perhaps expanding at some point to take on outside submissions.