Friday, May 8, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Last Tent City Blues, by Walter Beck

Introducing Drafty Attic Press's newest author Walter Beck in this his seventh published volume, Last Tent City Blues, based on the nine years he spent employed as a camp counselor, balancing his devotion to the Boy Scouts of America with his LGBT identity.  Beck, a poet, queer gonzo journalist, performance artist, and digital radio co-host at The Rainbow Asylum, lives in Avon, Indiana, where he dedicates his time to spreading random weirdness wherever he goes, believing that freaking people out will bring about a worldwide cultural conscious awareness.

Read what others are saying about Beck's work:

Walter Beck's poetry is not for the weak-spined, New Age generation, who look for light at the end of every dark tunnel and believe that fairness can be doled out through the power of positive thinking. But they should read it. It should be force-fed down their throats between their helpings of Wiccan poetry and spiritual healing books, like broccoli.
–The Pen Prostitute

Part Hunter S. Thompson, part rock and rolla in Amish country and all around literary revolutionary. Indiana: be proud. We need him.
–James Schwartz


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