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Bielawski, Toby.  Five Kinds of Fences.  36 pp. 
$5.00 + $3.00 S&H

Toby Bielawski’s poems survey the landscapes of earth and sky and the inner landscapes of the mind with a clear-eyed curiosity. Whether contemplating five kinds of fences or the terrors and consolations of the stars,  whether sorting and weighing the scrap metal of the past or celebrating the molten metal of sexuality, she is committed to learning “how the taproot lives.” She regards the surreal terrain of insomnia with quiet humor and brings a sense of grateful wonder to the “cabin” of “safe space” inside the poet's mind. The poems in this debut collection range widely, but Toby Bielawski’s compass needle seeks and finds “true north.”

Chana Bloch,
author of Blood Honey

Miller, Mike.  Miller's New England Haiku Dictionary.  44pp.
$5.00 + $3.00 S&H

Dictionaries claim to define plenty of words, but do they really tell you what the things in life mean?  No.

Hence Miller's New England Haiku Dictionary, the handy little book that settles all those doubts once and for all, and somehow manages to do so in 17 syllables every time.